11/8/2016, Irvine, CA

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Henkel's Latest Printed Electronics Innovations on Show at IDTechEX 2016

From booth #I10 at this month’s IDTechEX Printed Electronics USA event, taking place November 16 and 17 in Santa Clara, California, Henkel Adhesive Technologies will highlight its strong focus on material solutions for printed electronics. Decades of formulation expertise have resulted in brand new LOCTITE highly conductive silver ink materials and inks to build force sensors, which are important developments for enabling next-generation printed electronics applications.

Thinner Lines, Better Performance with High-Conductivity Silver Materials

The requirement for more current carrying capacity in smaller footprints is driving the need for highly conductive materials. Answering the call for improved current performance, cost-efficiency and adaptation to miniaturized designs, Henkel has developed LOCTITE ECI 1010 and LOCTITE ECI 1011 high-conductivity silver inks. The new inks have been formulated with a broad range of electrical conductivity to allow design flexibility and optimized material use. Compared to previousgeneration materials, LOCTITE ECI 1010 and LOCTITE ECI 1011 have double the conductivity, which allows finer feature printing while offering excellent current carrying performance and lower costs through less material use. LOCTITE ECI 1010 has high conductivity (sheet resistance of 5-7 mOhm/sq/25μm) combined with excellent mechanical strength and flexibility, while LOCTITE ECI 1011 allows for printing of exceptionally thin lines – as thin as 1 μm with flexographic printing – in a formula with a sheet resistance of 2-3 mOhm/sq/25μm. Both materials dry quickly and are well-suited for traditional printed electronic applications such as heaters, membrane switches, keyboards, identification labels and flexible PCBs used in the white goods, automotive and consumer sectors. Due to its very high conductivity, LOCTITE ECI 1011 also allows a true additive manufacturing approach as an as alternative to etched metal solutions.

Force Sensitive Inks allow Varying Response Levels

Making their Americas debut at IDTechEX 2016, LOCTITE ECI 7004 HR, LOCTITE ECI 7004 LR and LOCTITE ECI 7002 are a portfolio of customizable force sensitive inks that offer varying and controllable ranges of electrical resistance based on the required sensitivity level of the application. These novel force sensitive inks are a big leap forward for the functionality of many products, as traditional designs were developed to accommodate a response to force in general. Now, with the new LOCTITE materials, varying levels of force alter the material’s conductivity and, therefore, the device’s response. Computer touch pads, medical diagnostic systems, inventory control shelving and containers, music and entertainment devices, as well as industrial products, benefit from force sensitive control.

Show delegates are invited to meet with Henkel technology specialists in booth #I10 at IDTechEX Printed Electronics USA 2016 to discuss these latest innovations and to get a first-hand look at the company’s soon-to-be-released thermoformable inks. For more information, visit www.henkel-adhesives.com/electronics. To schedule an appointment with our team at the show, send an e-mail to electronics@henkel.com.