6/14/2016, Irvine, CA

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Henkel Gives Display Customers a Competitive Edge with New Precise Edge Control (PEC) LOCA

Henkel Adhesive Technologies’ Electronics business has developed and commercialized a novel suite of liquid optically clear adhesive (LOCA) materials that offer significant process and design enabling capabilities for touch screens including smart phone, notebook, all-in-one (AIO) PC and large format displays. The new Loctite® brand materials are precise edge control (PEC) LOCA formulations that allow for the construction of displays with narrow bezel and ultra-narrow bezel architectures.

As the name implies, PEC LOCA materials provide unique properties that enable the adhesives to remain at the edge of the touch panel without any overflow. For use with touch and large format displays, Loctite PEC LOCA materials are available in pre-gel, high viscosity and pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) formulations and deliver significant process benefits as compared to traditional LOCA materials. The precise edge control capability eliminates the need for dam LOCA, allowing a reduction in required materials and process steps.

“Henkel’s commitment to continuous innovation in the display sector is underscored by our move toward the development of PEC LOCA materials in various formats,” says Doug Dixon, Henkel Adhesive Electronics Global Marketing Director. “We recognize that thinner, more streamlined displays with narrow and ultra-narrow bezel designs are the future reality. Henkel also understands, however, that customers have specific process preferences, which is why we have developed pre-gel, high-viscosity and PSA versions.”

The latest materials in the PEC LOCA portfolio are PSA formulas, Loctite DSP 3803 and Loctite DSP 3804, which combine the advantages of OCA and LOCA solutions to deliver an optimized alternative that satisfies the requirements of emerging narrow bezel designs. Consistent with traditional LOCA benefits, the Loctite PSA systems provide process flexibility, good ink step absorption and elimination of the die cut step. And, like OCA tape, the materials provide instant adhesion strength, have less overflow, and require no side cure or final cure.

Loctite DSP 3803 and Loctite DSP 3804 are UV cure materials that are dispensed using slit coating equipment. Prior to lamination, the Loctite PSA LOCA materials exhibit good thickness uniformity, with the ability to accommodate thin gaps between 100 μm and 150 μm. Further work will be conducted to evaluate compatibility with gap thicknesses of less than 100 μm.

For more information about Henkel’s complete line of Loctite LOCA display materials, click here to visit the company website.