9/20/2016, Irvine, CA

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Broad Portfolio of Henkel Enabling Technologies on Show at SMTA International 2016

September 20, 2016 – From booth #936 at the upcoming SMTA International event in Rosemont, Illinois, Henkel Adhesive Electronics’ display will underscore why the company leads the market in comprehensive assembly materials technologies. With multi-award-winning LOCTITE GC solder materials, a broad range of leading-edge thermal management technologies, and new applications for TECHNOMELT products, the Henkel booth is the go-to destination for advanced electronics assembly materials.

Game-Changing Solder Pastes

With incomparable stability both on and off the line, award-winning, no-clean LOCTITE GC 10 and water-washable LOCTITE GC 3W solder pastes have forever changed the game in solder technology. Stability at room and elevated temperatures extends far beyond refrigeration-free storage and simplified shipping; it translates to the industry’s best printing performance, an exceptionally broad reflow process window and superior coalescence, and enables the use of Type 4 solder pastes reflowable in air for even the most demanding, miniaturized devices. (www.soldergamechanger.com)

Independent, third-party testing has confirmed LOCTITE GC 10’s print performance superiority and results will be presented during the “Pb-Free Assembly Processing Challenges” Session (Session LF3) at 1:30 on Thursday, September 29th during SMTA International.

Versatile Thermal Materials Solutions

Thermal management solutions that incorporate additional functionality are enabling the advancement of devices with higher speeds and smaller form factors, as in the case of mobile phone, automotive and telecom applications. Henkel’s GAP PAD EMI 1.0 offers designers of these devices the ability to cope with higher assembly densities by incorporating both thermal conductivity and EMI absorption in a single solution. The novel thermal interface material helps eliminate crosstalk and other EMI issues by absorbingelectromagnetic energy within a shielded enclosure. Additional details on the technology will be shared by Henkel Principal Scientist, Dr. John Timmerman, on Wednesday, September 28th at 10:30 a.m. during a paper presentation entitled “The Development and Characterization of Hybrid Thermal/EMI Solutions for Electronics.”

In addition to its award-winning GAP PAD thermal solutions, Henkel’s display will also feature the company’s throughput-enabling liquid dispensed thermal materials, Gap Filler and LIQUI-BOND. (www.henkel-adhesives.com/thermal)

Expanded TECHNOMELT Capability

TECHNOMELT low pressure molding materials have been providing damage-free encapsulation protection for decades. Now, these materials are offering additional capability. Materials scientists at Henkel have developed a thermally conductive TECHNOMELT formulation, TECHNOMELT TC 50, and have also innovated a new masking solution with TECHNOMELT AS 8998. The thermally conductive material provides protection and heat dissipation with a thermal conductivity of >0.5 W/m-K, which is ideal for applications such as automotive power systems, micro solar inverters and LED drivers. (www.technomelt-simply3.com)

For assembly specialists that require an automated, dispensable solution for masking PCB “keep out zones” during coating processes, TECHNOMELT AS 8998 delivers a highthroughput alternative to manual taping techniques or conventional UV curing. The material is applied quickly and peels off cleanly, allowing cost-effective and precise masking. Live demonstrations of TECHNOMELT AS 8998 will take place in Henkel booth #936.