09/22/2015, Irvine, CA


Henkel forms Partnership with LPMS USA to Broaden Customer Access to TECHNOMELT Low Pressure Molding Processes

In a move designed to offer customers greater access to low pressure molding solutions and its award-winning TECHNOMELT materials, Henkel Adhesive Technologies has formed a partnership with leading molding equipment manufacturer, LPMS USA.

“Henkel’s new relationship with LPMS USA is a very important development for our Americas-based customers,” explains Art Ackerman, Henkel Global Product Manager for Circuit Board Protection. “The company’s global leadership, in-depth understanding of mold design, broad equipment portfolio and low pressure molding expertise make LPMS USA a very competent partner.”

The low pressure molding process is a fast and effective alternative to traditional potting techniques. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of Henkel’s TECHNOMELT polyamide hotmelt products, LPMS USA systems process the materials in a simple operation that melts, molds and cools the TECHNOMELT materials around electronic devices to encapsulate them and form self-enclosed, functional assemblies. Because the low pressure molding process is lower stress compared to traditional injection molding, it is ideal for today’s finer-pitched, delicate devices and has been successfully employed in multiple applications including automotive, LED lighting, medical, wearables and household consumer products, among others.

LPMS USA offers a comprehensive portfolio of molding systems – ranging from handheld, tabletop units through to advanced, in-line automated platforms. The company’s expertise in mold design and thorough understanding of end-use requirements are key enablers for outstanding results. In addition, LPMS USA’s unique ‘melt on demand’ technology optimizes material use and energy consumption. Instead of keeping material molten for an entire shift, LPMS USA’s ‘melt on demand’ feature reduces heat residence of the TECHNOMELT material and only melts it when required. This is extremely beneficial for some of the newer white and optically clear TECHNOMELT formulations, and also reduces system cleaning time and downtime.

“Henkel is the premier materials supplier for low pressure molding materials,” says Kevin Ross, VP of Sales and Marketing for LPMS USA. “The TECHNOMELT portfolio has won numerous awards and continues to expand to address emerging market requirements and new applications for low pressure molding processes. We are delighted to partner with Henkel and make the TECHNOMELT-LPMS USA solution available to customers across the Americas.”

For more information on TECHNOMELT low pressure molding materials and to order a sample, visit LPMS-USA.com