New Henkel TECHNOMELT Material Tops Category to Win Global Technology Award

Henkel’s efforts to expand its popular TECHNOMELT low pressure molding materials portfolio are paying off, as its latest material TECHNOMELT PA 668 – has just been honored with a Global Technology Award, topping the competitive Adhesives/Coatings/Encapsulants category.

Henkel’s TECHNOMELT materials are low-pressure molding materials that offer a cost-effective, process-friendly alternative to traditional potting techniques by encapsulating assemblies to form a self-enclosed housing and functional device. Application possibilities are infinite, with TECHNOMELT providing a unique encapsulating solution for products ranging from medical devices, indoor and outdoor lighting, computing accessories such as flash drives, household consumer products and industrial sensors, among others.

The latest material and recipient of the Global Technology Award unites inherent TECHNOMELT advantages with white color and UV-stabilization, making it exceptionally appealing for modern product designs that require color stability and reliability. Engineered to be aesthetically aligned with consumer and industrial product designs while offering superior molding and color integrity performance, TECHNOMELT PA 668 is ideal for contemporary lighting and consumer products. Resistance to UV light, as well as temperature resistance in-process and in-use, TECHNOMELT PA 668 maintains its color even when subjected to harsh external environments, longer molding dwell times and extended thermal and ultra-violet light exposure after encapsulation.

Accepting the award on behalf of The Electronics Group of Henkel were Michael Pierce, Midwest Territory Sales Manager, and Dr. Dwight Heinrich, Product Development Chemist. “Developing such a capable material in a white, color-and UV-stabilized formula was an incredibly complex undertaking,” explains Pierce. “The success of this effort, along with that of new clear and chemically-resistant TECHNOMELT materials, is very gratifying. We appreciate Global SMT and Packaging magazine hosting the Global Technology Awards and providing a vehicle for broader market visibility of innovative new products like TECHNOMELT PA 668.”

Already gaining traction in the market, TECHNOMELT PA 668 was recently selected by a manufacturer of architectural lighting as a replacement for its conventional potting process. This company produces sustainable, environmentally-friendly lighting solutions and liked the streamlined processing, UV-stability and white color of LOCTITE PA 668. The material was chosen specifically for LED light strips that will find use in architectural kitchen lighting products, as the white material aligns with the final product design for a uniform appearance and reflective capabilities; and the UV-stability ensures its color endurance even after long exposure to ultra-violet light. In addition to a better appearance with TECHNOMELT PA 668 as compared to its former potting solution, this customer also realized higher yields, lower overall process cost and much simpler processing.

“With its visual appeal and outstanding performance, the application possibilities for this material are endless,” says Pierce in summary. “Customer adoption and this award win are further confirmation of TECHNOMELT PA 668’s success.”