07/10/2013, Irvine, CA


Kevin Becker Promoted to Product Leadership Role within Henkel Adhesive Technologies


Henkel Names New Vice-President of Product Development and Engineering

The Electronics Group of Henkel today announced that it has tapped Kevin Becker, Ph.D. to lead its global Product Development and Engineering (PD&E) team.  Becker replaces Dr. Michael Todd, who has held the position for the past seven years and has moved to Henkel headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany to head up the company’s Adhesives Research group.

Throughout the last 14 years at Ablestik and Henkel, Becker has held numerous roles in R&D and business management and has enjoyed some significant professional achievements.  Becker was instrumental in the development and commercial success of a printable, B-staged die attach paste material for memory packages which was a disruptive technology, essentially displacing traditional film with a lower-cost, equal performance material. He also played a key role in progressing Henkel’s die attach film formulation project, taking the company from an unknown in the die attach film arena to a position of notable market share. 

Becker Plans to Accelerate Innovation Rate
Henkel’s PD&E team has innovated numerous enabling materials in recent years including non-conductive paste (NCP) materials for fine-pitch copper pillar packages, board-level reworkable underfills for handheld devices, transparent conductors for touch screen applications, the market’s first conductive die attach film materials, low pressure silver sintering products for power electronics and pre-applied thermal interface materials for IGBT modules, among others.  In his new role, Becker looks forward to bringing more innovative materials to market faster.

“There’s no disputing our successful past,” comments Becker.  “But, my objective over the next few years is to double the rate at which we innovate new materials.  Working in concert with our customers and Henkel’s marketing specialists, the PD&E team will be charged with bringing novel, enabling products to market more quickly. With Henkel’s vast resources and expertise, we have such a deep and broad technology toolbox from which to draw.  I have no doubt we can achieve our time-to-market objectives.”

Becker looks forward to building on the collaborative, innovation culture his predecessor, Michael Todd, helped establish and driving performance and big project delivery as priorities. “This is a fantastic opportunity,” says Becker in conclusion, “and I welcome the challenges and the satisfaction that come from enabling modern electronics technology.”

Becker holds a BS in Material Science and a BA in Chemistry from Cornell University and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  In his new role, Becker will be based in Irvine, California at the headquarters of The Electronics Group of Henkel.