05/03/2012, Irvine, CA


Keeping Packages Cool and Reliability High

New non-electrically conductive die attach paste has best thermal performance on the market

Ever-increasing functionality and ever-decreasing device footprints have presented semiconductor packaging manufacturers with quite a dilemma: how to manage the dimensional demands without exceeding thermal limits. As advanced devices get packed with greater function in a smaller space, operating temperature levels increase. If the temperatures are too high, package – and therefore product – reliability can be adversely affected and, in severe cases, result in complete failure.

There are many approaches to thermal management, but addressing heat dissipation and operating temperature at the die level is key to improving the overall product performance. Die attach pastes with good thermal performance and thermal management materials are approaches that are most often used. But, as overall operating temperatures of many packages continue to rise, previous-generation non-electrically conductive material systems may not be robust enough to effectively manage the thermal load.

Recognizing this challenge early-on, Henkel began development of a high thermal, non-conductive die attach paste to address the increasingly demanding heat dissipation requirements of modern semiconductor devices. Quite challenging from a formulation point of view, the materials experts at Henkel devoted significant resources into engineering a die attach paste that would resolve the heat management problems experienced by manufacturers of several types of leadframe packages. The result is ABLESTIK ABP-8910T, a new thermally conductive, electrically isolating die attach paste that can be used for die to substrate attach or for heat sink/lid attach to dissipate heat from semiconductor leadframe devices or other high thermal applications such as automotive.

But, ABLESTIK ABP-8910T doesn’t just remove heat; it does it better than any other commercially available non-electrically conductive die attach material in the market. With an outstanding thermal conductivity of 2 w/Mk – nearly five times that of traditional non-conductive pastes – ABLESTIK ABP-8910T sets the new benchmark for thermally efficient die attach materials. In fact, a manufacturer of QFNs that recently replaced a non-conductive material with ABLESTIK ABP-8910T realized an operating temperature reduction of 7°C, which is significant.

Of course, the thermal conductivity isn’t the only superior characteristic of Henkel’s latest innovation. ABLESTIK ABP-8910T offers a host of other advantages that make it the ideal non-conductive choice for manufacturers of power devices such as SOTs, SOICs, QFNs and QFPs. The novel die attach paste provides excellent electrical insulation that is nearly 1,000 times higher than standard, non-conductive pastes; it delivers high reliability performance at MSL1/260; exhibits good room temperature and high temperature adhesion to a wide variety of metal leadframes, including especially copper, silver-plated copper and PPF; and is effective for a range of die sizes up to 5 mm x 5 mm.

ABLESTIK ABP-8910T’s exceptional performance also comes with manufacturing flexibility and ease-of-use at its foundation. With good and stable workability including excellent dispensability, good fillet control, a long open time of up to one hour minimum, stage time of up to eight hours , superb voiding control and 90-second snap cure capability, this material allows semiconductor packaging specialists to easily integrate it into existing processes.

The ability to reliably manage heat with such an adaptable and effective non-conductive material is a tremendous advantage. Put simply, any semiconductor leadframe manufacturer that has a requirement for reducing package operating temperature, raising reliability and incorporating a user-friendly non-conductive material should look to ABLESTIK ABP-8910T. If you want the highest thermal performance available in a non-conductive formulation, this is the go-to material.

For more information on ABLESTIK ABP-8910T or any of Henkel’s advanced die attach solutions, log onto www.henkel.com/electronics or call the company headquarters at 714-368-8000.