04/12/2011, Irvine, California


Henkel Introduces Next-Generation VOC-Free Conformal Coating

Addressing the demanding environmental and reliability requirements of modern printed circuit board (PCB) products, Henkel has formulated Hysol PC40-UMF, a
solvent-free conformal coating material that offers outstanding performance while delivering a sustainable alternative to solvent-based coatings.

A highly stable, one-part, material with an excellent shelf life of six months, Hysol PC40-UMF is UV curable in 30 seconds with a built-in secondary moisture cure mechanism that eliminates the risk of incomplete cure. As Brian Toleno, Ph.D., Henkel Electronics’ Director of Technical Service, explains, “One of the potential drawbacks of UV-cured systems is the possibility of shadowed areas – those areas not exposed to UV light – not being fully cured. Hysol PC40-UMF has resolved this issue by providing a subsequent moisture cure capability that enables any shadowed areas to cure completely over time, delivering an exceptional level of reliability.”

In addition to these unique benefits, Hysol PC-40UMF offers superior wetting and wicking performance and its rheology has been optimized for the industry’s latest dispensing technologies. The dispense capability of Hysol PC-40UMF enables assembly specialists to more easily apply the material on selected areas and prevent deposition on unwanted areas of the PCB. Once Hysol PC40-UMF has been applied to the PCB, inspection is also aided by its unique formulation. The material has excellent fluorescence under black light, allowing manufacturers to confirm coating of the desired board areas and, therefore, ensuring better performance and long-term reliability.

“With modern electronic devices like smart handheld products commanding a much higher price than their predecessors, consumers expect greater value and reliability,” concludes Toleno. “Ensuring outstanding circuit board protection is one way the longevity of these devices can be extended. Hysol PC40-UMF delivers this long-lasting performance in combination with outstanding capability and processability for multiple applications.”

For more information on Henke’s full suite of conformal coating products, log onto www.henkel.com/electronics.