02/20/2009, Irvine, California


Henkel Remembers Emerson & Cuming Co-founder William Cuming

Henkel employees were saddened to learn of the passing of Emerson & Cuming Co-founder Mr. William Cuming, who died of pneumonia on May 28, 2009. He was 88 years old.

Cuming’s life successes were many and included service to his country as a Navy Lieutenant during World War II, the launch of a Massachusetts-based firm now specializing in stealth bomber technology and, of course, the co-founding of Emerson & Cuming in 1948 with friend and former Monsanto colleague, Mr. Cherry Emerson.

Under the direction of the two entrepreneurs, Emerson & Cuming thrived in the electronics industry with the development of its unique epoxy resins and coatings.  The firm grew significantly and, in 1978, was sold to W.R. Grace.  The success of Emerson & Cuming’s electronics materials portfolio made it an attractive acquisition for other suitors and the product line was sold again in 1997 to National Starch & Chemical Company.  Most recently, Henkel added the Emerson & Cuming brand products to its broad offering as part of the company’s April 2008 acquisition of the Adhesives and Electronics Materials businesses of National Starch.

“We were deeply saddened by Mr. Cuming’s recent death,” says Joseph DeBiase, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Henkel Corporation’s Electronics Assembly business.  “But, we will be forever grateful for his inventive contributions to the electronics industry and take great pride in our efforts to further develop and grow many of the materials technologies initiated by Mr. Cuming.”

Cuming is survived by his wife of 51 years, Ruth, a son, John, and brother, Alfred.  He was preceded in death by Emerson & Cuming co-founder, Cherry Emerson, who died in 2007 at age 90.