12/17/2009, Irvine, California


Henkel Extends Representative Network in the Americas

Honoring its commitment to deliver easy access to world-class materials solutions, Henkel Corporation’s electronics group today announced an extension of its representative network in the United States.

Adding to an already well-established representative and distributor base, Henkel has partnered with leading manufacturer’s reps Restronics Southeast and Aligned Solutions, Inc. to provide customers even greater local support for the company’s electronics assembly materials.  Restronics Southeast will serve customers in the states of Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama, while Aligned Solutions will cover Michigan, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

With over 21 years of experience in the electronics industry, Tim Glasgow of Restronics Southeast is uniquely positioned to deliver the kind of expertise and service customers expect of a top-tier materials supplier like Henkel. Having spent his career working with capital equipment and consumables products, Glasgow understands the challenges and demanding requirements facing today’s manufacturers. 

“The recent financial uncertainty in the market has forced electronics firms to take a hard look at their processes and implement materials that provide outstanding value without sacrificing performance,” explains Glasgow. “Restronics’ broad process knowledge combined with the Henkel assembly materials that deliver proven reliability, throughput and efficiency is exactly what customers want and what they will receive.”

Certainly, these challenges are not exclusive to the Southeast region and Aligned Solutions is also looking forward to delivering Henkel’s advantages to its customers.  The Aligned Solutions team has a collective 50 years of industry experience that includes electronics engineering, field engineering and Naval electronics training, as well as decades of practical, hands-on expertise.  With integrity, honesty and unmatched customer service at its foundation, Aligned Solutions is a highly technical firm that provides value by improving processes and reducing customers’ costs.

Eric Bowman of Aligned Solutions believes Henkel has a clear advantage in the electronics industry and is confident his company can effectively deliver the benefits to manufacturing specialists in the Mid-Atlantic region.  “Partnering with Henkel allows us to offer full, turn-key solutions – for virtually any application, there is a Henkel materials solution.   But it’s not just the product breadth of Henkel that is distinctive; it is also the efficiency, proven in-field performance and reliability of these materials that make them superior.”

Restronics Southeast and Aligned Solutions, Inc. will represent Henkel’s complete line of assembly materials which include the well-known brands of Emerson & Cuming, Hysol, Loctite and Multicore.  Customers can reach Restronics by phone at 770-634-4131 or by e-mail at: smtpro@aol.com. Aligned Solutions can be contacted by phone at 724-355-1877 or by sending an e-mail to eric@asi-rep.com. 

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