05/01/2009, Irvine, California


Underfill that Sings a new Tune: Cost Saving Material Ideal for Handheld Communication & Entertainment Devices

Everyone wants more for less – especially today. Consumers want less costly products that deliver greater functionality. In turn, electronics manufacturing firms then demand products that achieve high performance but help reduce their overall costs. It’s not a new twist, but one that is even more profound today as assembly specialists seek to significantly reduce overall costs, yet still be environmentally responsible while turning out high-quality products that consumers will buy.

For materials suppliers, these demands have resulted in an unending quest to deliver. Many of these challenges have been met, to be sure, but still several fall short. Take underfills, for example, where now the vast number of lead-free solder paste materials on the market present issues with room temperature flow underfill and lead-free solder paste flux compatibility. What’s more, electronics assemblers now want more performance from their underfill – like a high degree of thermal cycle reliability with today’s complex packages such as large PoPs and WLCSPs, while also maintaining good reworkability to save costs and reduce scrap. Several materials on the market today may contain one or the other of these properties, but not both characteristics in one formulation. Add in all of the other requirements for cost-efficiency and, well, you get the picture – many materials suppliers are singin’ the blues.

Henkel, on the other hand, is completely in tune with these new requirements and has developed an underfill solution that lowers production costs and delivers on all of the
performance demands. The company’s latest award-winning BGA/CSP underfill innovation, called Hysol UF3800, was developed specifically for use in today’s handheld communication and entertainment devices and offers advantages no other underfill material can match. Hysol UF3800 flows fast at room temperature and cures quickly at low temperature, which enables exceptional cost-efficiency. Because there is no substrate pre-heat requirement, the capital expenditure associated with dispensing equipment heaters is completely eliminated, and energy costs are reduced. The quick flow mechanism combined with the elimination of the substrate pre-heat step also dramatically improves throughput rates. Reductions in energy consumption achieved with this unique material also allow manufacturers to uphold environmental responsibility and sustainability commitments.

But, that’s not all. As lead-free manufacturing is widely being implemented, more and more Pb-free solder materials have hit the market. With that comes the vexing problem of underfill/solder paste compatibility issues. The lack of compatibility between the flux medium of the solder paste and the components of the underfill can lead to incomplete underfill cure and possible device failures. Hysol UF3800 addresses this issue as well. Tested against multiple well-known lead-free and halogen-free solder paste products, Henkel’s new underfill showed remarkable compatibility with all of the pastes evaluated. Manufacturers can confidently incorporate Hysol UF3800 into their existing processes and rest assured that incompatibility defects will be minimized and in-field performance maximized.

One of the most challenging parts of designing Hysol UF3800 was delivering on something that designers and assemblers have desired for a long time – an underfill that provides a high degree of thermal reliability while maintaining excellent reworkability. Historically, marrying these two characteristics has been extremely difficult – if not downright impossible – as they are normally opposing material properties. Generally, for an underfill to be reworkable, the glass transition temperature (Tg) has to be relatively low, which results in a lower thermal performance of the material. However, because of the unique chemistry of Hysol UF3800, these two properties are not opposing, but complementary. The material has a relatively high Tg and is reworkable. Hysol UF3800’s chemistry also unites two other properties that aren’t normally seen together in a single formulation – room temperature fast flow and low temperature cure. What’s more, manufacturers get all of these benefits and stable electrical performance under temperature humidity bias (THB), which is essential for modern devices that continue to get smaller with tighter and tighter I/O pitches.

Award-winning Hysol UF3800 offers solutions to several production challenges:
• Lowers manufacturing costs by eliminating capital expenditure requirement for heating mechanism on automated dispensing equipment
• Lowers energy consumption through room temperature fast flow and low temperature fast cure properties, enabling environmental responsibility
• Allows assembly specialists to have BOTH high Tg and reworkability properties in a single material, so thermal performance is not sacrificed for the ability to rework and scrap is significantly reduced
• Compatible with numerous lead-free and halogen-free solder pastes – a challenge other underfill materials have not been able to overcome
• Enables modern handheld device production, as these products continue to become smaller and more complex – Hysol UF3800 effectively delivers all of the underfill requirements to facilitate nextgeneration production of these devices

Conventional commercial underfill products simply don’t come close to offering the combination of benefits delivered by Hysol UF3800. Other materials may provide some – for example, fast cure and reworkability characteristics – but not the complete range of unique advantages delivered by Hysol UF3800. Henkel’s award-winning Hysol UF3800
is the only known commercial material to provide fast flow at room temperature, low temperature fast cure, high Tg, reworkability, excellent thermal performance and stable
electrical performance under THB – all in single formulation that allows modern assembly firms to maintain environmental responsibility.

But just don’t take our word for it. Try the material for yourself and see the difference Hysol UF3800 can deliver to your process and your bottom line. For more information, call Henkel at 1-888-943-6536 (1-888-9Henkel).