Electrically Conductive Adhesives

Electrically Conductive Adhesives

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Henkel offers electrically conductive adhesive products for every customer’s needs.

Both professional and consumer applications require electrically conductive materials solutions that can meet the demands of a rapidly changing market. Henkel has created a comprehensive range of high performance electrically conductive pastes and adhesives trusted by many of the world’s top manufacturers.

Versatile Electrically Conductive Materials
Much like our non-conductive paste adhesives, our electrically conductive adhesives are also ideal for use in thermal, electrical interconnect and structural bonding for improved reliability in electronic systems.

For manufacturers that require both adhesive and thermal dissipation functionality, the Henkel line of thermally conductive dielectric pastes are the most trusted and reliable electrically conductive materials on the market.

Snap Cure Conductive Adhesives
Henkel’s Eccobond™ line of snap curable conductive adhesives provides excellent adhesion and reliability. For applications with large CTE mismatches between substrates, or fine pitch flip chip interconnections where electrical conductivity is desired in only one direction, we have an electrically conductive adhesive product to meet the challenge.

Heat Cure Conductive Adhesives
Electrically conductive heat cure adhesives are required for a number of manufacturing challenges. The Henkel line includes products from such trusted brands as Eccobond, Ablebond™, Hysol™ and LOCTITE®, with varying cure speeds, viscosity and pot life.

Room Temperature Cure Adhesives
Our electrically-conductive adhesive products cure at room temperature and can be used for bonding and sealing applications that require superior electrical and mechanical properties.

Two-Component Conductive Adhesives
Henkel’s two-component electrically-conductive adhesives include products that provide high peel and tensile lap shear strength over a broad temperature range, and silver-filled epoxies recommended for electronic bonding and sealing applications, that comply with the requirements of NASA’s Outgassing Specification.

Find Out More About Electrically Conductive Adhesives
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