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With display materials solutions for many facets of flat panel display (FPD) production, Henkel delivers a variety of products that enable highly-efficient manufacturing and excellent reliability.

The Henkel line of display material products includes sealants, glass cleaners, color filter developers, pin terminal/temporary bonding products, ITO/COG overcoats, rework stripers and cleaners to be applied after liquid crystal injection.

LOCTITE: Synonymous with Bonding Excellence
The LOCTITE® brand of UV curable temporary bonding and endseal materials are used to supply a robust, complete panel assembly. For display applications, a thermoplastic resin-based conductive ink with  a low temperature process profile, wide range of flexibility and stable electric conductivity, delivers a reliable printed bus bar for touch screens.

Display Materials for Color Filter Production
To ensure an optimal module assembly process, Henkel’s P3® cleaners, developers and strippers help ensure that FPD color filters are properly prepared and stable. Both off-the-shelf and customer-developed formulations are available, delivering maximum efficiency manufacturing.  

More Display Material Solutions from Hysol®
Whatever the panel assembly challenge, there’s a Hysol™ product that can make the job easier. From flexible, low temperature-cure through-hole bonding materials to fast cure perimeter sealants, Hysol materials provide  protection against moisture, even on organic light-emitting displays and electronic paper displays.

A technology innovator, Henkel’s unparalleled display materials product lines are backed by best-in-class industry support.

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For more information about Henkel’s display material products, view our Display Materials Electronics Catalog.

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