Die Attach Film Adhesives

Die Attach Film Adhesives

Ablestik C115 and Ablestik C130 Conductive Die Attach Films allow lead frame package manufacturers the same process advantages offered by non-conductive die attach film processes, specifically, controlled fillets, controlled bondlines, elimination of die tilt and better design latitude with the elimination of die attach fillet.

Non-conductive Die Attach Films combine dicing die attach tapes and film into a single product Dicing Die Attach Film (DDF).  Henkel’s Die Attach Films enable our customers using thinned die processes the added design latitude of designing processes with improved wafer stability, controlled bondlines, elimination of die tilt and eliminates the dispensing processes.

Henkel’s Ablestik Conductive Die Attach Film and Non-conductive Die Attach Films are leading the way in enabling customers to design products with controlled bondlines. Designers using Henkel’s Die Attach Films are better able to control uniformity of bondline thickness and eliminate Die Attach fillets found in assemblies using Die Attach Pastes processes.

To listen to the Conductive Dicing Die Attach Film Webinar, click here.

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