CSP Underfills

Underfill for CSP and BGA

For industry-leading standard and reworkable underfills, there is no better option than Henkel. Henkel offers innovative capillary flow underfill encapsulants for flip chip, CSP and BGA devices that lower stress, improve reliability and offer outstanding processability.

It is necessary for flip chip applications to be able to redistribute stress away from the solder joints to extend thermal aging and cycle life. That is why Henkel's flip chip underfills are formulated with a high loading of specialty fillers. This also allows for low CTEs, which help flip chip encapsulants maintain the ability to flow fast in small gaps, possessing high glass transition temperatures and high modulus.

Underfill BGA: A Breakthrough
To enhance the reliability of many hand-held devices, Loctite introduced Loctite 3536, an advanced underfill epoxy solution that quickly fills the space beneath the CSP and BGA packages. This low temperature, fast-curing breakthrough delivers outstanding protection for solder joints against mechanical strains such as shock, drop and vibration. Loctite 3536 earned an industry Vision Award for its innovative features and manufacturing flexibility.

The Benefits of Underfilled Chips
When protection is paramount, underfilled chips provide the best safeguard against various stresses, thereby delivering optimum reliability. Product quality is improved, and product life is extended.

Reliable Underfill Epoxy
In the fast-paced electronics industry, product sophistication and manufacturing techniques evolve quickly.  That’s why so many top electronics solutions firms rely on Loctite to deliver the underfill epoxy solutions required to produce leading-edge products in an ever-tightening time-to-market window. 

Find Out More About Underfills
For more information about Henkel’s Underfill formulations, download our Underfill Electronics Catalog.

Drop testing with and without Underfill