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Henkel offers superior conductive inks and conductive coatings to address a wide variety of applications in the energy, consumer electronics and utilities industries. Henkel's product range of conductive, dielectric and other functional polymer thick film inks have been used to apply selective coatings on a variety of flexible and rigid substrates, via screen, flexographic and rotogravure printing methods.

Our conductive coatings and inks can be effectively dried or cured through heat or UV radiation. Henkel's conductive inks (silver, silver/silverchloride, carbon-based, dielectric and other functional [e.g., electroluminescent pigments-based]) are used for the production of:

  • Flexible circuits for membrane touch switches
  • Keyboards for desktop and notebook PCs
  • Heating elements
  • Automotive sensors
  • Biosensors and EKG/ECG electrodes
  • Antennas for contactless smart cards and RFID labels
  • Touch screens
  • EL lamps
  • Printed circuit boards and potentiometers

Optimal Use of Conductive Coatings

Applications, advantages, typical properties and process considerations for each conductive coating are clearly explained to ensure proper, application-specific selection.

Silver Conductive Inks

Henkel’s ACHESON and ELECTRODAG silver conductive ink products include water-based and screen-printable solutions that offer outstanding flexibility and crease resistance. Cure schedules vary by product.

Electrically Conductive Inks – Carbon

The ELECTRODAG line of carbon inks includes products for PET film, plastic film and paper substrates, membrane touch switches and rigid printed circuit boards.

Dielectric Inks

Henkel offers an assortment of non-electrically conductive, screen-printable dielectric inks from ELECTRODAG and MINICO for plastic film, PET film, and both paper and rigid substrates. Applications include PC desktop/notebook keyboards, copper-etched circuitry and hybrid circuits. 

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