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Conductive Die Attach Films (CDAF)

Henkel was the first to develop and introduce conductive die attach film (CDAF) to the semiconductor market. A groundbreaking market development, this innovation was viewed by the semiconductor industry as a significant breakthrough that would enable more capable and cost-effective lead frame package designs. Indeed, this has been the result, as numerous semiconductor packaging specialists have leveraged Henkel’s CDAF advantages for new and better package designs.

Conductive film technology enables tighter die-to-pad ratio


Thin Wafer Handling with Precut Format
  • Excellent electrical conductivity – very low RDSon shift (<10%)
  • Thinner package and smaller footprint (higher-density packaging)
  • Potentially eliminates wafer backside metallization
  • Multi die packages allow shorter die-to-die wirebonds for faster speeds
Consistent Bondline Thickness and Controlled Flow 
  • No die tilt
  • Design flexibility due to tight clearance between dies and die pads
Clean, Dry Process
  • No dispensing or printing/B-staging necessary
  • No bleed (even on rough leadframes), no fillet, uniform bondlines and no kerf creep

Reliability Performance

  • Higher reliability performance (MSL1) on multiple substrates (PPF, Ag spot, Cu) and various wafer back metallization (Si, Au, Ag)
  • Efficient, robust process that reduces yield loss

Cost Savings

  • Higher density leadframes
  • Shorter gold wires
  • Reduced mold compound usage


Conductive Die Attach Films: Additional Resources

Conductive Die Attach Films (CDAF)

Henkel's line of innovative conductive die attach films (CDAF) that enable more capable and cost-effective lead frame package designs.
(LT-6901 — 03/2014)

Conductive Die Attach Film for

Multiple Applications Pioneering Market Technology Expands
Consumers continue to demand even more function in ever-shrinking form factors, driving the need for semiconductor packaging specialists to find solutions that allow for robust processing of thinner, smaller, higher density packages.