Chip-on-Board (COB) Encapsulants

Chip-on-Board (COB) Encapsulants

Henkel’s line of LOCTITE Hysol® and LOCTITE Eccobond™ encapsulants are primarily used to ensure environmental protection and boost the mechanical strength of wire bonded devices. They are developed to provide protection to wire bonds, leads and aluminum.

Available as either thermal or ultraviolet (UV) cure materials, Henkel encapsulants are designed for the highest reliability using glob top and dam-and-fill application technology:

  • Glob top technology
  • Glob top technology requires an encapsulant with a fine-tuned rheology in order to allow the wires to be covered.
  • Dam and fill technology
  • Dam and fill technology uses the dam to limit the flow of the low-viscosity fill material.


  • Chip-on-Board Benefits
    The benefits of Henkel’s chip-on-board materials are unmatched and offer excellent temperature stability, good thermal shock resistance, outstanding electrical insulation at both room and elevated temperatures, minimal shrinkage during cure, low stress and excellent chemical resistance.

    Chip Board or Chip-on-Board?
    While chip-on-board is the accepted industry term, the use of chip board or flip chip board in some circles may generate confusion. For clarification we use chip-on-board when describing the applications and benefits of Loctite products.

    Low Cost Chip-on-Board Assembly Processes
    For manufacturers that demand outstanding performance and high throughput for low cost assembly processes, Henkel chip-on-board encapsulants provide reliable protection and value in the same package.