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C100, C115, C130 Conductive Die Attach Film Adhesives

Henkel's C115/C130 Conductive Die Attach Film Enable Process Advances for Leadframe Applications

The Ablestik C100 series conductive die attach films represent the latest in a series of recent materials innovation successes. The C100 series is available in two formulations, Ablestik C130 and Ablestik C115 (supplied in 30 micron and 15 micron thicknesses, respectively).

Henkel’s conductive die attach films provide the following benefits:
  • elimination of die tilt
  • ability to process thinner die
  • facilitation of greater bondline control

all of which allow for improved processability, higher yields and better long-term reliability.

Ablestik C100 series film die attach materials also provide:
  • a high degree of manufacturing latitude
  • workability established on die sizes ranging from 1mm x 1mm up to 6mm x 6mm for a variety of package types including both QFNs and QFPs.
  • better wetting ability with lower bonding temperature
  • extremely stable adhesion strength
  • robust adhesion against moisture and MSL Level 2 performance on all leadframe surface finishes.