Purmelt is a reactive polyurethane-based hotmelt which is used in a broad range of applications. Provided in various pack sizes, it allows use in all common application systems for high end applications in building & furniture, graphic arts & bookbinding, assembly and the transportation industry.

The superior performance level of Purmelt benefits excellent adhesion to many different substrates, where other adhesive types typically fail. With a coating thickness of 0.3 to 0.6 mm, Purmelt products, no matter if for interior or exterior applications, provide outstanding results compared to conventional adhesive systems.

Regardless of the application, Purmelt meets all the requirements and ensures optimum results in terms of pot life, exceptional initial tack and fast curing. Depending on air humidity and substrate moisture conditions, Purmelt can achieve 50-80 % ultimate bond strength in approximately 6 hours, with final curing achieved in 24 hours or less. After crosslinking, the Purmelt film displays high flexibility at both high and low temperatures and is resistant against most solvents used in industry or the home.

As the world’s largest adhesive producer, Henkel holds various patents on leading adhesive technologies. One typical example is Purmelt Dual Cure. This system offers a significant improvement over the standard 24-36 hour crosslink and cure rate for in-line binding of hard-bound books. Using Purmelt Dual Cure technology, crosslinking begins immediately upon application, reaching an 80 % rate already after about 3 minutes.

Another breakthrough Purmelt technology of Henkel – Purmelt MicroEmission – delivers fully sustainable adhesive performance while allowing for a massive reduction in monomeric isocyanate. The product therefore now carries no hazard labeling as in the past. This technology represents a major advance in terms of improving safety in the workplace.

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