LOCTITE Tire Bonding Solution

LOCTITE SI 5930 FIT with outstanding adhesion for acoustic foams and integrated sensors

LOCTITE SI 5930 FIT (Fix In Tire) is a one-component room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone rubber adhesive for in-tire bonding application. The product provides excellent adhesion properties on all common tire rubbers and is compatible with different acoustic foams as well as tire release agents.

LOCTITE SI 5930 FIT provides the following product characteristics:

Technology  Silicone
Chemical Type  Alkoxy Silicone
Appearance (uncured)  Black pasteLM3
 Components  One component - requires no mixing
Thixotropic  Reduced migration of liquid product after application to Substrate
Cure  Room temperature vulcanizing
Application  Bonding

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