Henkel Automotive Surface Technologies: For any and all challenges!

Repair facilities and OEMs worldwide rely on Henkel Automotive Surface Technologies! Our ambitious developers know workfloor challenges first-hand from our strong partnerships with globally successful brands. Therefore, Henkel offers a full range of pre-treatments, process control equipment, metal coatings and surface car treatments with corrosion protection.

For expert advice and tailored pre-treatment processes, light metal pre-treatment, line design consultancy including process control and process optimisation, get in touch  now!

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BONDERITE M-PP Coating Technology

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Henkel solutions and automotive surface technologies

For cleaning and coating, for paint technologies and corrosion protection, rely on:

  • Automotive degreaser and cleaners including acid and alkaline cleaners, adhesive cleaners, aqueous degreasers, metal pre-treatment cleaners, non-chlorinated parts cleaners, paint line cleaners, sealer line cleaners, surge solvents, varnish removers, waterborne purge and paint strippers
  • Pre-treatments with aluminium nano-ceramic formulas, plastic (low energy surface) pre-treatments, thin-film multi-metal pre-treatments as well as zinc phosphating, iron phosphating and manganese phosphating processes
  • Post-treatments including non-chrome treatments
  • Primers including cathode primers for Li-ion batteries
  • Coatings including anti-corrosion coatings, chrome-free conversion coatings, corrosion protection waxes, conductive coatings, electro-pulse anodizing conversion coatings (EC2), zinc and iron phosphate coatings and auto deposition coatings as part of our automotive surface technologies
  • Paint detack solutions with inorganic and polymer detacks, flocculants and defoamers
  • Permanent dry-film lubricants
  • Hydrophilic coatings

Our automotive surface technologies are optimised to work with a variety of applications and processes: From the interior to the exterior, from the chassis to the body in white, Henkel solutions work! Reliable, eco-conscious and in compliance with worker safety regulations, all stamping shop, body shop and paint shop jobs as well as electronics from batteries to electronic systems and sensors, powertrain and HVAC challenges are met by our state-of-the-art products. Our portfolio of automotive surface technologies is also suitable for commercial vehicles. Motorcycles, cars, buses and trucks last longer and more reliably with Henkel technologies!

Benefits of working with Henkel‘s Automotive Surface Technologies

  • Great sustainability while working with corrosion protection including metal pre-treatment and coating: Lower energy and water consumption, less waste water and an eco-conscious formula without heavy metals and zinc phosphate when working with sustainable, waterborne processes at reduced emissions of volatile organic carbons (VOCs).
  • Economic soundness of automotive surface technologies: Application flexibility under variable process conditions with fewer steps when processing and added flexibility in through-put rates resulting in significantly reduced waste, cost, distribution and storage needs.
  • Assistance from Henkel experts when it comes to line design and optimisation, waste water treatment and promotion of worker safety and sustainability all while working with globally available automotive surface technologies that have won Original Equipment Manufacturers‘ approval.

Related Areas of Application

Body in White Chassis Electrical/Electronics
Body in WhiteChassisElectrical/Electronics

Exterior HVAC Interior

Powertrain Commercial Vehicles
PowertrainCommercial vehicles


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BONDERITE M-PP 866 Series Coating Products

(former AQUENCE) water-based, autodeposition coating is used to coat metal parts uniformly

BONDERITE M-PP 930 Coating

(former AQUENCE) coating delivers enhanced corrosion performance for frames and chassis components


(former AQUENCE) The next generation of epoxy-acrylic urethane coating provides all the performance advantages of autodeposited coatings

BONDERITE M-PP 937 Coating

(former AQUENCE) coating delivers excellent corrosion performance for  vehicle frames, chassis components, automotive and general industrial parts

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