Henkel Automotive Sealant Solutions

Henkel is your expert when it comes to Automotive Surface Technologies. We team up with the automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers and suppliers using our global expertise and local support to create effective sealing solutions. A prime example is our broad automotive sealant selection! Whether you need formulas for Body Shop or Paint Shop sealing, underbody coating or LASD, anti-flutter or hem flange sealing, our functional anti-corrosion coatings, sealants and sound deadeners will get the job done!

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Henkel‘s Automotive Sealant Applications

Whether you are working on the chassis or the Body in White structure, in the stamping plant. Body or paint shop, Henkel‘s sealant solutions can be applied manually or with robotic systems, and are used in a wide variaty of production cycle times and temperature ranges – while safe to work with and eco-conscious!

Benefits of working with Henkel Automotive Sealant Solutions

Our latest solutions help limit the transfer of noise, vibration, moisture, dust and gases into the passenger compartment. We offer sealants for multi-substrate and low-density lightweight applications, (underbody) coatings with anti-corrosion properties reducing stone-chip, sound and vibration and adhesives to seal and isolate metal flanges and reinforced joints.

Innovative materials and sustainable, time-saving processes help Original Equipment Manufacturers and component suppliers achieve ambitious goals when it comes to vehicles‘

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Weight
  • Sustainability
  • Economy of assembly
  • Efficiency of floor space

Weight-Optimisation Solutions

The sprayable and extrudable acoustic materials in Henkel’s range of Terophon products offer effective solutions for dampening and deadening noise in vehicles. Structure-borne or structure-generated noise is reduced and optimised by the use of Terophon.

Our solutions for the body shop, paint shop and trim shop help to reduce noise and weight compared with conventional bitumen pads. Vehicles with acoustic solutions from Henkel are more comfortable, quieter and lighter.

Related Areas of Application

Body in White Chassis Commercial Vehicles
Body in WhiteChassisCommercial vehicles

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The Seal of Quality

Reliable Sealing Results from High-Quality Impregnation Products and Services

Vacuum impregnation for cast metal parts

Reliable Sealing Results through High-Quality Impregnation

Vacuum impregnation for electronic components

Reliable Sealing Results through High-Quality Impregnation

The Next Generation in Gasket Technology

Exclusively Designed for the Automotive Industry

Loctite 5100 & 5110 Flexseal Penetrating Sealants

For Cost Effective Sealing of Electrical and Electronic Components


Formed-in-Place Silicone Gasket (FIPG)


Formed-in-Place Polyacrylate Gasket (FIPG)


Highly Flexible Anaerobic Gasket

TEROSON Liquid Applied Sound Deadener (LASD)

Sound damping materials for a better environment