Strong and durable: Automotive Lubricants by Henkel

Automotive lubricants are needed for a variety of different processes in production and repair facilities. Various stages – for example in the Stamping Shop, when working on the frame, suspension components and wheels as part of the chassis, on the HVAC units, the Powertrain and electric motors – call for car lubricants. Machining fluids, lubrication and welding challenges are met by our great range of professional, long-lasting, OEM-approved solutions!

So for all stamping, casting, forming, forgings and extruding jobs, for wire drawing, tube forming, turning, milling, (deep-hole) drilling, threading, reaming, honing, grinding, metal working, metal forming or metal removal – get in touch with our experts for any and all process lubrication needs!

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Henkel‘s Automotive Lubricants come in various categories

Henkel Automotive Lubricants help tackle tasks. Our portfolio includes:

  • Casting lubricants, for example pressure die casting lubricants, pressure die casting release agents, gravity die casting coatings, low-pressure die casting release agents, plunger lubricants, ejector pin lubricants, start-up lubricants, water-free lubricants
  • Forging lubricants, specifically hot-forging die lubricants, warm-forging die lubricants, warm-forging billet lubricants, non-pigmented lubricants, non-graphite lubricants, precision forging glazes, extrusion lubricants
  • Stamping automotive lubricants and oils
  • Cold-forming car lube with a variety of formulas including zinc phosphate, zinc iron phosphate, pickling inhibitors, salt carrier, reactive soap, dephosphate cleaner, polymer and cupper car coating
  • Tube forming with lubricants fit for hot mandrel-rolling, hot mandrel bending, end upsetting, cold-drawing and cold-rolling
  • Metal working formulas with semi-synthetic coolants, metal removal fluids, solutions for grinding without mineral oils, honing oils
  • Low-pressure molding and potting materials to protect components in extreme environments including high voltage, high temperatures and chemicals

Process-Optimisation Solutions

80% cost reduction* through Lineguard
Henkel’s Lineguard process equipment is designed as an intelligent, modular system for controlling metal pretreatment plants. With the help of Lineguard, bath control can be managed efficiently and precisely. The system records and evaluates data and, depending on the configuration, allows fully automatic bath regulation. The Lineguard system perfectly complements our pretreatment products, resulting in consistently high-quality processes.

Benefits of working with Henkel Automotive Lubricants

  • Improved productivity and lower costs: Longer die life, shorter circle times, longer tool life and life time, less consumption at an improved quality of parts with better surface quality and competitive process costs
  • Eco-conscious processes with our automotive lubricants: Reduction of defects and rejected parts and lowered waste and automotive lubricant‘s consumption while working with safe solutions with no odour and very good skin compatibility

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