Advanced Gasketing for your Powertrain Solutions

Gaskets prevent leakage of fluids or gases by completely filling the space between the surfaces of the flanges. It is necessary for the seal to remain intact and leak-free for a prolonged time. The gasket must be resistant to the medium being sealed and able to withstand the application temperature, pressure and micromovement of the joint. Liquid gasketing sealants have been used for many years in automotive engineering as an alternative to solid gaskets.

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FIP (Formed-In-Place) Gaskets are formed by the application of a bead or by screen print of liquid elastomer or anaerobic sealant, which is then assembled in the uncured state. On assembly, the sealant spreads between the flanges and is forced into surface imperfections to provide total contact between the two faces, and cures to form a durable seal. Unlike conventional gaskets, FIP technology does not require extreme compressive loading to form a seal, due to the adhesion of the cured FIPG to all the members in the joint.  

The main benefits of Formed-in-Place over solid gaskets are:

Process Optimization:

Automatic application – FIP sealants can be applied by fully automated robotic dispensing or screen or stencil printing systems.
Easier handling of vertical components – FIP sealants can be applied to both horizontal and vertical flange faces. Unlike solid gaskets they do not require additional adhesive to maintain their position on vertical flange faces.


Reduced hydrocarbon emissions – The reduced seal gap decreases hydrocarbon emissions compared to solid gaskets.
Non-shimming – The metal-to-metal contact eliminates the need for gasket thickness, so tolerances can be more accurately maintained.


Cost Reduction

Reduced inventory costs  – FIP sealants can seal different flange geometries, unlike solid gaskets that require stocking many different gaskets to fit the different geometries.


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