Future of the Car

There has been a lot of talk about intelligent and sustainable changes, with some experts even speaking of a fundamental transformation. What is this hype surrounding the future of driving really about?

Car manufacturers and component suppliers are working on new concepts and technologies to develop solutions to the numerous challenges that this vision poses.

The automotive industry has actually relied on our know-how for many years in this process, because Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies business unit has a unique portfolio – geared towards making cars more sustainable, safer and more comfortable.
Cars will become quiet and dynamic. They will also be intelligent, communicating with other cars, streets or parking spaces.

In the next five years, 90 percent of all innovations in car manufacturing will be driven by electronics.
Henkel offers the broadest technological portfolio for advanced driver assistance systems. This includes solutions for gluing, joining, sealing and coating electronic components and parts, as well as materials for an optimal thermal management.


What is your challenge to make cars fit for the future?