The Electro Ceramic Coating Process

The Electro Ceramic Coatings are formed through the electro-deposition of titanium oxides, which produces a tough, flexible coating with exceptional chemical, corrosion, temperature and abrasion resistance.

Electro Ceramic Coatings eliminate pretreatment, as well as the need for up to 1-2 layers of paint, all in one simple step.

The aluminum coating’s environmental resistance properties and simplified application, provide options for automotive, marine and industrial applications that are not available with any other corrosion resistant coating process.

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ElectroCeramic Coatings are a revolutionary new base coating for the protection of aluminum, titanium and related alloys in severe environments:

  • Withstands severe environments: protects aluminum and light metal parts.
  • Improves efficiency across the coating process & reduces processing cost: one application level between the metal surface and decorative finish.
  • Improves performance of secondary coating and adhesives & extends life of coated components.
  • Heat and abrasion resistance delivers long-term corrosion protection.
  • Environmentally safe and compliant: RoHS and ELV compliant and 100% chrome-free.


Electro Ceramic Coatings

corrosion protection, friction and wear reduction, emissions improvement

NOT SURE, IF ELECTRO CERAMIC COATINGS CAN HELP TO … … optimize your company's process? Our engineers aid you to find the answer.