Commercial vehicles benefit from Henkel applications

Henkel is a premium partner to lorry, bus and motorcycle manufacturers. Commercial vehicles face some of the toughest challenges, hence they work better with the market‘s strongest surface treatments. We offer applications for cleaning, forming, threadlocking, cutting, sealing, joining, vibration damping, sound deadening, paint shop maintenance, corrosion protection, and assembly. All along the value chain, trusted Loctite, Teroson and Bonderite products enhance workshops with solutions for multi-substrate commercial vehicle manufacturing. Get the job done – with Henkel brands!

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Henkel – for light-weight, reliable, sustainable commercial vehicles
Adhesives, sealants, and surface technologies by Loctite, Teroson and Bonderite are used worldwide by popular vehicle brands and OEMs. Whenever stamping, joining, painting, assembly of commercial vehicle chassis, frames, panels, windscreen, powertrain, interior and seating construction are necessary operations, our state-of-the-art product portfolio helps realise

  • Improved manufacturing process efficiency and performance
  • Lighter commercial vehicle structures and components
  • Downsizing and shifting towards alternative powertrain technology in commercial vehicles
  • Increased driver and passenger safety and comfort
  • More efficient energy transfer


Commercial vehicles benefit from Henkel applications by


  • Enabling use of light metals and composite materials

Manufacturing Process

  • Reduce process time through automation and process efficiency
  • Minimize process steps
  • Improving process efficiency, flexibility and performance

 Cost Efficiency

  • Reduced investment and operating costs


  • Fuel consumption reduction
  • Long-term performance of components
  • Enhancing energy transfer and using sustainable, green materials and processes – to lower production and running costs of vehicles and CO2 footprints!


  Further Benefits

  • Enabling the design of lower weight and mass structures
  • Adding safety and comfort – for both workers and drivers

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