No grease and dirt thanks to Henkel‘s Automotive Degreaser range

In manufacture and repair facilities alike industry-strength car cleaner products are crucial. Processes and applications work best on non-greasy, clean parts. With Henkel‘s portfolio of automotive degreasers, you will yield best results when preparing, degreasing, high-pressure deburring, internal rinsing or when first-class cleaning results are needed: prior to assembly, inter-operational or as the final step – including corrosion protection, of course.

A variety of acid and alkaline cleaners, neutral cleaners, aqueous automotive degreasers, paint-line automotive cleaners, purge solvents, varnish removers, waterborne purge and non-chlorinated cleaners for parts are available for any and all steps of production and upkeep: From windscreens to electric motors and batteries, from the powertrain to the HVAC unit, from the stamping shop to the Body Shop to the chassis‘ frame, suspension components and wheels and the body in white all the way to the car or commercial vehicle leaving the Paint Shop  – Henkel Automotive Degreasers get the job done!

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Henkel: A multitude of automotive degreaser solutions

For the most pristine, spotless cleaning results, we offer various automotive cleaners to tackle different challenges and jobs for different materials and environments. Based on workfloor experience and valuable feedback from our OEM partners, we constantly fine tune our rage of automotive degreaser products. We offer:

  • Aqueous formulations
  • Emulsifying and demulsifying car cleaners
  • 2-component products
  • Salt-free cleaners
  • Powder cleaners
  • Concentrated liquid formulas
  • Neutral cleaners
  • Biodegradable cleaners
  • Ultrasonic automotive cleaners
  • (Biostable) low-temperature cleaners
  • Pressure die casting cleaners
  • Casting nozzle and frame cleaners

Benefits of working with Henkel‘s Automotive Degreaser products

  • Cleaning and corrosion protection in one step
  • Automotive cleaners suitable for all temperatures
  • Spot-free cleaning
  • No precipitation, stable in hard water
  • Bio-stable at low temperatures
  • Highest cleaning efficiency at low temperature
  • Long bath life time
  • No foaming at high spray pressure

Related Areas of Application

Body in White Chassis Exterior
Body in WhiteChassisExterior

Electrical/Electronics HVAC Powertrain

Commercial Vehicles
Commercial vehicles


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