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School and transit buses as well as road coaches are popular means of transport. To design and manufacture durable vehicles, Henkel supports you with expert advice and state-of-the-art products! From fixing and sealing sidewalls, elastic bonding of roofs and sidewalls as well as flange sealing of sidewalls, roofs, hoods and doors; gap filling of exterior parts, sealing and underbody coating of the framework and chassis; functional coatings for rubber and metal components; corrosion protection for primary parts and frames; up to details like reinforcement applications for hollow sections, direct glazing of windscreens and windows and threadlocking and sealing of the engine, gearbox, transmission and axles. Big components and small parts stay in place and work reliably – with Henkel Loctite, Teroson and Bonderite solutions for buses!

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Buses that will run for many miles
Henkel provides a global and balanced portfolio of products, technologies and services. Contact us and together we will look for ways to make your bus manufacturing operation more reliable, efficient, sustainable and cost-effective. Here are a few innovative products that are already improving buses worldwide:

  • Process Cleaners & Stamping Lubricants for efficient processes, parts and maintenance cleaning. Choose from:
    • Alkaline, acid and neutral aqueous cleaners
    • Stamping, cutting and metal-forming fluids
  • Automotive Body Shop Adhesives and Sealants that enable strong bonding without welding and fill gaps thoroughly. We provide applications for:
    • Fixing and joining
    • Sound and vibration damping
    • Sealing and gap filling
  • Acoustic and Structural Parts and Foams for great acoustics and noise absorption, ride control and structural reinforcement while reducing mass of buses. Work with strong materials for structural bonding and reinforcement.
  • Surface Treatments for effective cleaning, corrosion protection and paint adhesion. Pick multi-substrate pre-treatments and conversion coatings.
  • Powertrain Adhesives & Sealing products for threadlocking, thread sealing and flange sealing.
  • Trim and Car Paint Shop solutions for easy and quick applications without a primer, multi-substrate bonding, design and construction flexibility as well as repairs. Henkel has a variety of:
    • Low-density bonding and sealing products
    • Paint line maintenance products, maskants, tyre lubes and dry-in-place conversion coatings

Benefits of Henkel‘s applications and services for operations manufacturing buses

  • Increased efficiency and cost reduction
  • Improved manufacturing quality and greater process flexibility
  • Reduction in waste, packaging material, distribution and storage needs
  • Reducing weight and emissions of buses
  • Assistance in the transition from legacy stamping, body and paint shop processes to more modern, efficient, sustainable applications
  • Assistance with compliance with environmental regulations, promotion of worker safety and sustainability
  • Global, standardised sustainability program that ensures the safety of every Henkel product


Solutions for Bus Manufacturing

Comprehensive competency for your production

TEROSON PU 860 ME High performance adhesives for bus manufacturing

High performance adhesives for bus manufacturing

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