Paint Overspray Treatment


Henkel’s product solutions for the coagulation of paint overspray bring value throughout your paint line. Thanks to the versatile product range of Bonderite S-PD (Speciality – Paint Detack) and our detailed know-how of different facility designs
and specific application cases, we find the right solution to meet every need. Our products are designed to facilitate flotation or sedimentation, depending on your discharge system.
In addition, we offer a highly effective defoamer package for minimal consumption levels, and tailormade additives forspecific bath requirements.

Product range

 Coagulants  Flocculants  Defoamers  Additives
  • Organic polymer based
  • Metal salt based
  • Clay based
  • Cationic polymer based
  • Anionic polymer based
  • Mineral oil free
  • Mineral oil based
  • pH regulator
  • Water hardness builder
  • Biocide


Cost Reduction
  • Reduced operating costs thanks to highly efficient materials and low defoamer consumption
  • Reduced maintenance and cleaning
  • Extended system water lifetimes
  • Reduced chemicals consumption

  • Clean, operationally sound facilities
  • Reliable and stable process
  • Enhanced process efficiency
  • Ensured high quality of painted item

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