Boost Your Paint Booth

Optimized processes, outstanding performance

Industry Needs
Paint finishes play an important role: The quality of the coating must meet strict requirements and paint processes must be kept at the highest standards in order to ensure the fulfillment of the associated demands. Meanwhile, the industry is facing rising pressures and ever more demanding sustainability goals as well as environmental regulations.

Our Solutions
Our paint booth products are developed to find the right solution for every possible application case. To achieve the highest reliability and reproducibility of coating processes, Henkel’s products are designed to be extremely versatile so that they can function in different applications and wide concentration ranges while offering excellent resistance to all kinds of contaminants. Our paint booth products also serve your sustainability goals by enabling your operationsto run more efficiently and providing ways to save energy, reduce waste and be more productive.


Application Equipment / Paint Line Cleaners

Paint Overspray Treatment

Your advantages

  • Improved stability and better performance thanks to our best-in-class product portfolio
  • Exceptional coating quality thanks to clean, operationally efficient facilities
  • Low overall costs thanks to efficient materials and reduced maintenance and cleaning
  • Improved ecological footprint through reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOC), chemical consumption and waste volumes
  • High level of technical expertise and on-site service
  • Henkel’s development center ensures a regular flow of innovations to keep you at the cutting-edge
  • Tailor-made product concepts and individual validations by our own laboratory and on-site service personnel