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The Bonderite C-MC (Cleaner – Maintenance Cleaner) product range cleans all kinds of uncured waterborne paints very quickly and easily. Its formulations have been developed for the specific needs of the automotive industry to provide excellent performance in terms of efficiency, ease of use and sustainability. The products are suitable for all kinds of application equipment such as bells, guns, nozzles, tubes, pumps, valves or ring lines and can be utilized e.g. during color changes or breaks. Bonderite C-MC products can be simply introduced into new applications using existing standard cleaning programs.

Product range:

Surfactant based, solvent free products Combined surfactant and solvent based products Butyl glycol based products
  • Low make-up concentrations
  • Low foam formation
  • Dedicated product for aluminum equipment
  • High cleaning strength
  • Low VOC
  •  For high cleaning demands


Cost Reduction
  • Low product consumption thanks to high product efficiency and low make-up concentrations
  • Reduced waste volumes
  • Significant volatile organic compound (VOC) reduction
  • Significant chemical oxygen demand (COD) reduction

  • High cleaning efficiency
  • Short cleaning intervals
  • Low product concentrations
  • Low foaming characteristics
Process Efficiency
  • Fully compatible with Henkel’s coagulation chemistry
  • Enhanced process efficiency
  • Ensured high quality of painted item

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