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65% Weight reduction through LOCTITE Composite matrix resin

In collaboration with Benteler SGL, Henkel was asked to develop an advanced Composite matrix resin based on polyurethanes to produce the first composite leaf spring manufactured in RTM process for high-speed, mass production.
A resin based on polyurethanes opens new application opportunities in contrast to existing epoxy resins, including fast injection, very low viscosity and low-cure exothermic, as well as excellent toughness.

Henkel developed a polyurethane-based composite matrix resin which fulfilled the performance criteria of the matrix in terms of physical properties, processability as well as static and dynamic behavior in a composite part.

Our LOCTITE MAX 2 composite matrix resin enables:

  • Superior fatigue resistance under dynamic loads
  • Suitable for high-speed RTM because of short cycle times
  • Controllable, safe and  fast processing


A composite leaf spring offers OEMs an alternative that:

  • Is up to 65% lighter than steel versions
  • Ensures fast and safe processing for automotive mass production
  • Fulfils automotive design process requirements and quality according
    to ISO 16-949 specifications
  • Can be used to substitute longitudinal and transversal steel leaf springs into
    full suspension concepts for passenger cars and lightweight commercial vehicles 


Download Handsout Volvo XC90

65% weight reduction through LOCTITE Composite matrix resin