Henkel‘s portfolio for HVAC systems
Premium car manufacturers rely on Henkel‘s comprehensive range: HVAC units benefit from a variety of products, from evaporator coatings to radiator liquid sealants. Evaporators, radiators and condensers do their jobs – supported by our strong portfolio!

We know from experience on work floors what OEMs and vehicle brands aim for: Light-weight HVAC systems and increased efficiency of cooling units – with reduced noise levels due to NVH improvements for more comfort while driving. Challenges range from bonding and coating to gasketing and sound insulation – get the job done with Henkel‘s expert solutions!

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HVAC systems show great performance – thanks to Henkel
Henkel helps achieve excellent results when designing, manufacturing and implementing units for heating, ventilation and AC. State-of-the-art coatings for evaporator cores provide corrosion protection and decrease unpleasant odours inside the vehicle. Radiator sealant applications keep components such as radiator headers in place. Acoustic solutions improve NVH behaviour. And repairs are also enhanced: For example, replacements for HVAC parts like tube joints do very well with our products for bonding.


Benefits of Henkel‘s HVAC enhancing products


  • Structure optimization with higher material efficiency
  • Light-weight units through minimised evaporator core size with high efficiency

Manufacturing Process

  • Reduce process time through automation
  • Minimize process steps

 Cost Efficiency

  • Reduced investment and operating costs
  • Lower production costs thanks to automated solutions


  • High comfort characteristics
  • Long-term performance of components


  Further Benefits

  • Outstanding corrosion protection
  • Reduced odour due to less bacterial growth
  • Acoustic insulation for NVH-improvement

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