Henkel is a global supplier of automotive electrical and electronic component solutions for ICE, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Typical applications

Include ABS / ESP module, airbag, actuator, DC/AC converters, adaptive cruise control, alternator, LIB batteries, e-Motors connectors, fuse panels, navigation, power locks, switches, sensors, display units, engine management, ignition, speakers and wire harnesses.


Benefits of Henkel Electrical & Electronic Solutions


  • Enabling replacement of steel by plastic and composite materials

Manufacturing Process

  • Reduced process time through automation and faster curing
  • Minimize process steps

 Cost Efficiency

  • Reduced investment and operating costs


  • Improved battery-lifetime
  • Long-term performance of components


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Batteries & Accumulators
Henkel is a market leader in electrically conductive coatings and sealing technologies for advanced energy storage devices such as lithium-ion batteries and ultra capacitors used in alternative energy and hybrid vehicles.


Display Solutions
To support the manufacture of Automotive Display modules Henkel has developed dedicated solutions.


Electrical Motors
Henkel’s Loctite technology solutions have been used in electric motors for decades.


Electronic Systems & Sensors
Protection of sensitive electronic and electrical components in the vehicle is essential to reliable function and durability.