Henkel‘s strong and eco-conscious automotive interior solutions
Manufacturers worldwide rely on our innovative applications for automotive interior solutions. Reduced weight of parts leading to reduced fuel consumption, premium cover materials for trim parts and reduced noise with state-of-the-art acoustic damping are just a few of the results drivers will greatly appreciate! Whether the task at hand has to do with the cockpit, the instrument panel, textiles, carpets, headliners, sun visors, seating, door panels or parcel shelves: For bonding & lamination, corrosion protection, light weighting, cleaning and lubrication - Henkel products will get the job done!

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Automotive interior solutions that work!
There are numerous advantages for manufacturers and drivers dealing with repairs and upkeep when working with Henkel automotive interior solutions throughout the vehicle‘s life span:

  • Lasting corrosion protection for metal structures with pre-treatments and coating solutions
  • Integration of light-weight materials in interior components for less weight
  • Clean lamination processes for fine decorative films, textiles and genuine leather
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly applications for bonding and lamination procedures
  • Improved health & safety conditions due to non-hazardous adhesives


Benefits of Henkel‘s automotive interior solutions


  • Multi substrate bonding
  • Composite components with high fibre content

Manufacturing Process

  • Short process times through fast setting adhesives
  • Reduced number of process steps

 Cost Efficiency

  • Less bath maintanance with Bonderite
  • non VOC lamination adhesives
  • Cost-effective corrosion protection


  • Reduced energy consumption through CoolMelt technology
  • Less hazardous reactive adhesives
  • Increased sustainability thanks to adhesives based on renewable materials


  Further Benefits

  • Enhanced surface quality of laminated trim parts
  • Mass reduction of metal structures for lower weight, hence lowered fuel consumption
  • Long-lasting high speed adhesives for faster processes

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