Henkel automotive exterior solutions – to build and maintain tough vehicles
Bonding, cleaning, glazing, reinforcement – just a few challenges when manufacturing cars, buses and trucks. Our automotive exterior solutions offer strong support: They hold lighting and headlamps, roof systems, fascia, front end modules, carbon and glass-fibre components, windscreens and glasses in place!

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Whether your operation needs cleaners, adhesives, surface treatments or sealants, our applications are

  • Good for manufacturers and the environment as they help to reduce vehicle weight for lower fuel consumption.
  • Good for workers as they meet highest safety requirements.
  • Good for drivers as they reduce noise for maximum comfort while driving.

Applications that work: Henkel Automotive exterior solutions
Numerous applications and formulas are here to help manufacturers and mechanics:
For plastic bonding, Henkel offers non-toxic adhesives that meet the European Union‘s tough safety and health requirements. Our primers and adhesives get glass and windscreen bonding done. Our one-component bonding agents are the solution to glass encapsulation. Vehicle weight is reduced by working with clever reinforcement components and composite matrix resins. Slip coatings and flock adhesives for rubber profiles significantly reduce noise. And smart metal pre-treatments support the vehicle structure with lasting corrosion protection!



Solutions for Speed


TEROSON adhesives for direct glazing:
Direct glazing is usually carried out by bonding the screens directly into the bodywork flange with the help of one-component moisture-curing polyurethane adhesives.
The great strength of our adhesive systems is their high positioning tack, which enables the screens to be fitted quickly, precisely and reliably.

Benefits of Henkel Exterior Solutions


  • Plastic bonding solutions for exterior parts
  • Composite components with high fibre content

Manufacturing Process

  • Reduced cycle times through high-speed matrix resins for RTM processes
  • Easy handling through 1 and 2P rubber coatings

 Cost Efficiency

  • PP bonding without pretreatment
  • Cost-effective corrosion protection of metal parts


  • Less hazardous glass bonding adhesives


  Further Benefits

  • State-of-the-art bonding solutions for composite parts
  • Lower mass of metal structures
  • Enhanced slip properties and UV protection for weather seals

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