Various Powertrain solutions!
All things engine, transmission and driveshaft benefit from our cooperation and partnership with leading automotive companies: For cleaning, bonding, gasketing, lubricating, coating or porosity sealing, for acoustics challenges or the need of machining fluids – Powertrain solutions by Henkel will get the job done!

Henkel’s expertise supports your goals: To reduce mass and size while enhancing performance, to reduce friction between parts, to shift the propulsion mix towards an alternative powertrain – solutions by Henkel are reliable, versatile and sustainable.

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Powertrain solutions to improve your products and services

As an innovative market leader, there is an optimal engine gasket, engine sealant or engine adhesive in our range of products – for every task at hand: Low powertrain weight is of utmost importance? Alternative propulsion technologies call for products with advanced chemical properties? Green, sustainable products and processes are your focus?

Whenever powertrain components need to be formed, machined, cleaned, assembled or state-of-the-art surface treatments are necessary – Henkel Powertrain solutions match multiple challenges.


Material-Saving Solutions



Microporosity in parts made of cast metals, sintered metals, ceramics or composites and non-leakproof areas in electrical components may cause pressure leaks, inferior surface quality, corrosion and high reject rates. LOCTITE vacuum impregnation can reliably seal porosities, shrinkage pores, capillaries and cracks. As a result, parts that would have been scrapped can stay in the production process. 
The impregnation of porous parts extends their structural potential and opens up new product opportunities.

Benefits of Henkel Powertrain Solutions


  • Enabling use of light metals and composite materials
  • High-quality sealing technologies for modern lightweight materials and designs

Manufacturing Process

  • Reduce process time through automation and process efficiency
  • Minimize process steps

 Cost Efficiency

  • Reduced investment and operating costs
  • Reduced costs through automated processes 


  • Fuel consumption reduction
  • Emission reduction
  • Long-term performance of components


  Further Benefits

  • Corrosion protection and wear resistance
  • NVH-reduction
  • Friction reduction

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