Durable chassis constructions – thanks to Henkel
A chassis is as strong as its components: Frame, wheels, suspension components, systems for steering and braking – it is crucial to connect individual parts firmly for passenger safety!

By using tough, strong products, any vehicle chassis will benefit tremendously. Our comprehensive portfolio supports the design and manufacture of light-weight cars and lorries with fibre reinforced plastics – including corrosion protection: Check out our state-of-the-art, highly efficient, hence sustainable applications for cleaning, lubrication, bonding, coating, gasketing and machining fluids!

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Rely on an innovative portfolio for chassis assembly
Our range for chassis manufacture and maintenance sports lubricants and cleaners for all metal-forming processes such as stamping and casting. We have composite matrix resins for lasting carbon and glass-fibre reinforced plastic structures. Metal pre-treatments and coatings protect wheels and frames from corrosion. Strong bonding comes with Henkel‘s friction bonding for brake pads and rubber-to-metal bonding for suspension components.




Benefits of Henkel applications for chassis design and assembly
Innovative products like LOCTITE, BONDERITE, TEROSON, TECHNOMELT offer many advantages such as:


  • Enabling use of light metals and composite materials
  • Structure optimization with better material properties
  • Light weight due to composite solutions

Manufacturing Process

  • Reduced cycle times through high-speed matrix resins for RTM processes 
  • Reduce process time through automation and process
  • Minimize process steps

 Cost Efficiency

  • Reduced investment and operating costs
  • Reduced cost through fully automated line control


  • Long-term performance of components with sustainable non-hazardous materials


  Further Benefits

  • Outstanding performance in filiform and CASS tests to determine corrosion protection
  • Global approval by major original equipment manufacturers such as BMW, Volkswagen, PSA

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