Body in White

Henkel products on automotive assembly lines – for a reliable, strong BIW
All vehicle manufacturers aim to build the perfect body in white (BIW). It is the basis of a premium quality, light-weight car, for example. Our advanced cleaners, sealants, adhesives, lubricants, sound insulation and surface treatment technologies work – some of the world‘s most popular car brands build corrosion resistant, stronger, safer, more comfortable and longer lasting vehicles with Henkel solutions!

Henkel‘s comprehensive product line simplifies complex processes and helps design smart, multi-substrate BIW vehicle structures along the value chain. Body and paint shop processes are more efficient with our state-of-the-art cleaning, forming, cutting, joining, bonding, glazing, vibration damping, seam sealing, automotive sound deadening, pre-paint surface treatments and corrosion protection!

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Tough BIW – with Henkel

Metal stamping, body works and paint line operations benefit from Henkel‘s expertise: Because we know manufacturing floors from partnerships with vehicle brands! Our BIW range includes products for optimised corrosion protection and paint adhesion, paint shop anti-chip (underbody) coating and seam sealers, for example. We ensure that our products deliver unparalleled efficiency and flexibility, hence creating opportunities to save time and money while manufacturing.
This comes with great benefits for the future driver as well: Vehicle safety is improved with energy absorbing and reinforcement technologies. Passenger comfort and driving fun are also increased thanks to innovative automotive sound deadening and vibration damping materials for great vehicle acoustics.

Benefits of Henkel BIW applications and technologies


  • Enabling use of light metals and composite materials

Manufacturing Process

  • Reduce process time through automation and process efficiency
  • Minimize process steps
  • Reduction in waste, packaging material, distribution and storage needs
  • Improved manufacturing quality and greater process flexibility

 Cost Efficiency

  • Reduced investment and operating costs
  • Increased efficiency and cost reduction


  • Fuel consumption reduction
  • Long-term performance of components
  • Assistance in the transition from legacy stamping, body and paint shop processes to more modern, efficient, sustainable BIW applications
  • Assistance in compliance with environmental regulations, promotion of worker safety and sustainability
  • Henkel‘s global, standardised sustainability program ensures the safety of every product

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Body Shop
Henkel Automotive Body Shop products help achieve ambitious goals: We offer solutions for stronger, lighter and quieter vehicles.


Paint Shop
Efficient and sustainable products to support your car paint shop: Henkel has everything from cleaners to underbody noise reduction coatings!


Stamping Shop / Press Works
Metal stamping is a key process in car manufacture: Everything necessary for efficient and smooth processes comes from your partner – Henkel!