Henkel Battery Management System: Energy supply for alternate energy vehicles

We care about the environment and want to provide sustainable solutions to OEMs and repair facilities! Naturally, as the market for alternate energy vehicles is growing, there are numerous Henkel products for a lasting, reliable battery management system. Our range includes applications for fuel cells, battery coating and charging stations – and everything in between: Cells, packs and modules in Li-ion batteries, electric motors, inverters and converters, battery housing as well as high voltage cables and connectors.

Henkel‘s Alternate Energy Vehicle Solutions support a variety of applications such as sealing and gasketing, resin potting/casting, hot-melt low-pressure molding, magnet bonding, conductive primer coating, impregnation as well as working with Terophon HDF, other damping foams and thermally conductive adhesives. Get the job done with Henkel‘s comprehensive portfolio – for example for battery management systems and electric car wiring. Get in touch for expert advice!

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Alternative Energy Vehicle Systems

Henkel‘s alternative battery management system applications

Alternate energy vehicles have specific needs, especially but not exclusively when it comes to their battery management system: You are looking for higher temperature stability? Resistance to thermal expansion and degradation? Lower size and weight of alternate energy vehicles by using alternative bonding substrates? Noise and vibration reduction? Excellent thermal conductivity? Electro magnetic shielding? Strong protection against high voltage, thermal shock, chemicals and corrosion? And flexibility in design and cost-effectiveness?

With Henkel‘s battery management system solutions, a variety of challenges can be overcome. Our products include:

  • Various sealing and bonding applications to increase the safety of battery packs
  • Conductive primer coating to improve battery performance and efficiency
  • Various damping solutions to reduce noise and vibration for increased component longevity
  • ECC coating and bonding to protect and assemble light weight materials
  • Thermally conductive casting resins and interface materials to allow for heat Dissipation
  • Waterproof, air-tight gasketing for the battery management system‘s effective airflow cooling
  • Low-pressure molding and potting materials to protect components in extreme environments such as high voltage, chemicals and high temperatures

Benefits of working with Henkel‘s Battery Management System

  • Improved safety and longevity for components
  • Increased durability and reliability
  • Optimized design for improved efficiency and significantly reduced process costs

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