Great bonds are established – with Henkel Automotive Adhesive Solutions

An innovative industry powerhouse, Henkel has been developing strong solutions for a variety of challenges for decades. Our automotive adhesive portfolio is a prime example: Whenever strong, lasting car glue products are needed, many premium brands, OEMs and garages rely on Henkel car adhesives. Benefitting from workfloor experience, our formulas complete all jobs: When you are working on commercial or alternative energy vehicles, on the interior or the exterior, on the Chassis or the body in white, on the powertrain, the electronics or the HVAC  unit – one of our automotive adhesive products will make components stick together, tightly!

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Rely on our range of reactive and non-reactive hotmelts, car adhesives with epoxy formulas, silicones, polyacrylates, silane-modified polymers, anaerobics, polyurethanes, cyanoacrylates and automotive adhesive solutions based on water. For bonding, coating, fastening, laminating, molding, (porosity) sealing, gasketing, acoustic, insulation and encapsulation jobs – contact our experts now.

Henkel‘s Automotive Adhesive Solutions – for all

Whether you are facing headlamp, elastic, instant or magnetic bonding, potting, hotmelt molding, retaining, gasketing, threadlocking and sealing, interior lamination or impregnation; whether you need a tough, durable automotive adhesive for the weatherstrip or easy-to-use dispensing equipment for structural adhesives or composites – Henkel‘s tough automotive adhesive formulas will get the job done!

Our state-of-the-art instant bonding portfolio includes:

  • Comprehensive magnet bonding products
  • A large range of high performance liquid gasketing solutions
  • White-label anaerobic liquid and pre-applied threadlocking and sealing
  • Porosity sealing service and resin for castings and electronic parts
  • Sustainable reactive hotmelts for interior lamination
  • Low-pressure hotmelt molding for electronic applications
  • A variety of structural adhesives for metal and low surface energy substrates
  • Solutions for electrical and electronical parts‘ potting
  • Composite matrix resin and bonding formulas
  • White-label lamp bonding solutions
  • Light-weight elastic bonding products
  • Rubber coatings and flock car adhesive
  • A comprehensive retaining product range for different car glues
  • A variety of specialised automotive adhesive dispensing equipment

Benefits of working with Henkel‘s Automotive Adhesive range

  • Light-weight solutions
  • White-label and low emission products
  • Reduced cycle time thanks to high-speed automotive adhesives
  • High performance products customised to industry requirements
Material-Saving Solutions

Henkel’s TEROSON product series offers a variety of solutions for structural and flexible bonding and sealing in the automotive industry. These innovative adhesives for a wide variety of materials, including metals, plastics, glass and textiles, replace conventional joining techniques such as welding, bolting, riveting and clinching.

TEROSON adhesives can bond dissimilar materials durably and flexibly, with uniform stress distribution.

TEROSON adhesives provide automotive manufacturers and sub-suppliers with products that can be applied fully automatically. Our product series has been successfully used in the automotive industry for many years.

Speedy Solutions

Liquid gaskets from LOCTITE are extremely flexible and provide the most advanced anaerobic gasketing technology. OEMs and sub-suppliers have long been enjoying the technical and economic benefits of anaerobic gasketing materials. LOCTITE 5188 raises this technology to a new level.

The new LOCTITE 5188 anaerobic gasketing material is superior to many solid gaskets in that it prevents hydrocarbon compounds escaping from the engine into the atmosphere. Using the new LOCTITE 5188 anaerobic gasket helps you to satisfy the strictest environmental legislation requirements – especially in the USA.

Related Areas of Application

Body in White Chassis Electrical/Electronics
Body in WhiteChassisElectrical/Electronics

Exterior HVAC Interior

Powertrain Alternative Energy Vehicles Commercial Vehicles
PowertrainAlternate Energy VehiclesCommercial vehicles

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TEROSON Liquid Applied Sound Deadener (LASD)

Sound damping materials for a better environment

Non-Silicone Potting and Sealing Material



Elastic Sealing, Bonding & Coating

Pre-Applied Solutions for Threaded Parts
Anaerobic Products

Erase the risk, keep performance and quality

Weatherstrip Solutions

Slip coatings and products for special applications

The Next Generation in Gasket Technology

Exclusively Designed for the Automotive Industry

TEROSON PU 860 ME High performance adhesives for bus manufacturing

High performance adhesives for bus manufacturing


Formed-in-Place Silicone Gasket (FIPG)


Formed-in-Place Polyacrylate Gasket (FIPG)


Highly Flexible Anaerobic Gasket

TECHNOMELT PUR 9720 and XPO 1050

The next generation of lamination Aadhesives for interior trim parts