Quieter, more comfortable vehicles – with Henkel Car Sound Insulation

Henkel‘s Car Sound Insulation solutions improve acoustics and sound damping, structural reinforcements, bonding and fastening – leading to enhanced stiffness and durability. Partnerships with the industry‘s finest OEMs and manufacturers give us the advantage of workfloor experience – so you will benefit from great products for vehicle sound insulation!

Car and commercial vehicles alike are more comfortable to drive thanks to our portfolio of acoustic foam and formulas to be applied in the stamping shop, the body shop, on the Chassis  including frames and suspension components. Our strong products work just as well on the body in white, on doors, carpeting, overhead and headliner as in the Paint Shop.

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Henkel‘s Car Sound Insulation Solutions

Henkel Car Sound Insulation serves multiple purposes. We offer solutions for challenges in

  • Acoustics with parts, baffles and pillar fillers; acoustic damping patches; high damping foams; acoustic foams
  • Structural work with heat cure adhesives for improved stiffness and crashworthiness; structural parts; structural tapes and patches; structural foams

Our parts are individually designed to block automotive body cavities. Our tried, tested and approved car sound insulation solutions contain either structural adhesives or structural parts. Henkel offers state-of-the-art sound damping technologies for doors, roofs and other automotive structures. Our acoustic and structural systems are validated, so please contact us for complete acoustic Services.

Watch the video: LASD - Liquid Applied Sound Damping

Benefits of working with Henkel‘s Car Sound Insulation System

  • Using light-weight materials such as aluminium, magnesium, etc.
  • Improving sound quality
  • Reducing air leaks
  • Preventing flow of fumes from engine and other vehicle parts into the passenger compartment
  • Improving vehicle crashworthiness
  • Higher vehicle stiffness, hence improved driving quality
  • Higher durability, hence long-term quality
  • Great design and validation of acoustic and structural solutions
  • Global programs for vehicle sound insulation for example

Related Areas of Application

Body in White Chassis Interior
Body in WhiteChassisInterior

Commercial Vehicles
Commercial vehicles

Ask our experts! Our engineers have specially tailored technologies and applications for your business.


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