LOCTITE surfacing film: Maximum protection and 30% weight reduction.

The Learjet 85 aircraft is a new business jet manufactured by Bombardier using an all-composite structure.

Lightning strike and surfacing films are required for external components and much of the composite structure is manufactured at the Bombardier facility in Querétaro, Mexico using out-of-autoclave processing with a vacuum pressure of only 0.75bar due to the altitude. Bombardier and Henkel worked cooperatively in the process development of LOCTITE EA 9845 LC AERO, which is capable of providing a high surface quality with vacuum only processing, enables the use of lightning strike protection, and reduces weight compared to currently available legacy surfacing films. Until this point lightning strike films have required either full autoclave pressure (minimum 3bar), heavier surfacing film areal weights or have required significant re-work to fill and smooth the surface to meet aerodynamic surface requirements.
Henkel developed LOCTITE EA 9845 LC AERO lightning strike surfacing film for use on the Learjet 85 business jet’s external composite structure. This included the scale-up of processing from manufacture of test panels to full-scale demonstration articles. The LOCTITE EA 9845 LC AERO lightning strike film is to be specified for the manufacture of fuselage components on the Learjet 85 aircraft.  Furthermore, this innovation can be applied to virtually all aircraft composite external components - irrespective of the type or size of the aircraft. Henkel's composite solutions have been designed for almost any type of application.

Henkel’s innovative LOCTITE EA9845 LC AERO lightning strike film:

  • Reduces the cost of the composite structure due to out-of-autoclave processing
  • Co-curable with most prepreg systems, thereby reducing labor and material costs (120ºC or 177ºC cure)
  • Provides a high surface quality for aerodynamics with good paint adhesion w/o sanding as well as paint stripper, micro-crack and UV resistance
  • Reduces the weight of the surface film by 30% (light weight 95g/m2)
  • Reduces the weight of the overall composite structure resulting in lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions
  • Mirror like finish and ability to cover large hole structures

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