Meeting composite needs in aerospace

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Henkel highlighting aerospace solutions at JEC 2016

At the upcoming JEC World 2016, Henkel (Hall 6, Booth J31) will exhibit a portfolio of products and applications for its aerospace customers, including lightweight surfacing films for composite materials that offer a smooth, aerodynamic surface and advanced protection against lightning strikes.

At JEC, Henkel will be showcasing its lightweight Loctite EA 9845 Aero surfacing films. The films can be co-cured with epoxy based composite prepregs at 120-175°C, and provide excellent surface finish under autoclave and even vacuum only cure. The surfacing and lightning strike versions of these films protect the underlying composite materials, have enhanced environmental resistance to UV and paint stripper exposure.

Loctite EA 9845SF Aero can provide up to 30% weight savings compared to current surfacing films. With Loctite EA 9845SF Aero a reduction in manufacturing cost and process time is seen through the elimination of filling and sanding steps during surface preparation.

“This product is designed to improve the surface quality of honeycomb-stiffened composite parts, and offers a durable, paintable surface with minimal paint preparation”, according to Bjorn Ballien, Henkel’s EMEA Business Development Manager Aerospace.

Loctite EA 9845LC Aero, meanwhile, is capable of providing the same high quality surface finishing with the lightning-strike protection. This film includes lightweight, expanded copper or aluminum mesh for maximum electrical conductivity and protection of aircraft composite parts.

The use of an integrated lightning strike solution reduces the number of materials to be inventoried and provides manufacturing cost reduction. As with the surfacing films the Loctite EA 9845LC Aero lightning strike materials provide excellent surface finish when cured under autoclave or vacuum only conditions. The lightning strike films are available in a variety of film and foil weights to meet the requirements of different lightning strike zones on the aircraft.

“Up till now, lightning-strike films have required full autoclave pressure (minimum 3 bar), heavier surfacing film areal weights, or significant re-work to fill and smooth the surface to meet aerodynamic surface requirements,” Bjorn Ballien noted.

Henkel aerospace presentation at JEC
On Wednesday March 9, at 2.00 p.m. Emilie Barriau, Product Development Director at Henkel, will deliver a technical presentation in Hall 5A about a new generation of surfacing films for composite applications on aircraft structures.