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Metal Pretreatment and Corrosion Protection for Aerospace Applications

This webinar will discuss metal pretreatment processes and corrosion protection solutions for aerospace applications with focus on Aluminium alloys. The metal pretreatment process will be reviewed under the aspect of REACh including Authorization highlighting new solutions being compliant to these regulations.

Primary topics (what the registrant will learn):

  • Aluminium surface treatment process description
  • Henkel product range to support Aluminium surface treatment
  • Different solutions for corrosion protection (e.g. Chemical Conversion Coating)
  • REACH and Authorization update

See presenter's Information below.


Watch replay now:

Replay of webinar - Europe
Replay of webinar - North America

Dr. Ulrike Schmidt-Freytag

Technical Service Manager EMEA

Ulrike joined Henkel in 2002 as Manager Central R&D in Düsseldorf. She began by being responsible for the development of new composite and primer formulations for aerospace applications. After four years Ulrike changed her area of expertise to product development where she gained detailed knowledge on metal pretreatment and coating for total automotive coating.
Since 2010 Ulrike is leading the Technical Service Team for Aerospace in EMEA where she is responsible for the entire aerospace product line.

Ulrike received her PhD in Chemistry at the RWTH University of Aachen, Germany in 2002.

Kristina Tkacz

Technical Service Manager Aerospace

Kristina Tkacz has been with Henkel since 1999 and is the Surface Treatment-Technical Service Specialist at the Henkel facility in Madison Heights, MI. She has serviced the Aerospace Industry for 5 years and has 10 years of experience with analytical laboratory testing including full product analysis and manufacturing support for all Henkel products. In her role as one of Henkel’s authorized Certified Instructors, Kristina conducts the trainings for our Aerospace Surface Treatment product line to our Authorized Distributors and Customers.