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Effective use of Mold Release in Composites Molding

Mold releases are an important and often overlooked aspect of molding composite components. The mold release has an important effect on the component– from surface quality to ability to paint or bond the components. In addition ineffective mold release can result in damage to the component or the tool.

Aspects considered include the selection of the appropriate mold release, water based and solvent based releases, application of the mold release, cleaning and sealing of the tool. It is also important the mold releases and related products are readily available in appropriate configurations.

Primary topics (what the registrant will learn):

  • Importance of mold release in molding of composite components
  • Selection of appropriate mold release for different applications
  • Application techniques for mold releases
  • Tool preparation, sealing and cleaning

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Ray Cornwell

Technical Service Manager

Ray E Cornwell joined Henkel in 2004 and is the Technical Service Manager at Henkel facility in Bay Point, USA and has serviced the Aerospace Industry for 35 plus years. His experience includes the development and use of epoxy and nitrile phenolic materials for a wide range of aerospace applications including aircraft structures and satellites. In his role as one of Henkel’s authorized Certified Instructors, Ray conducts the training for our Adhesive and Mold Release product lines to our Authorized Distributors and Customers.