Henkel is a preferred partner for customers based on long-term experience in sustainability management. The company is listed in the Dow Jones World Sustainability Index and voted the most sustainable brand by the German Sustainability Congress. Henkel is compliant to global environmental standards such as REACH.

Driving the change
At Henkel sustainability has a history of over 100 years. It is the heritage of our company founder Fritz Henkel who was already convinced that ecology, economy and social progress are all interrelated aspects of sustainable business practises.

Today we conduct our business in a sustainable and responsible manner throughout the entire value chain.

We are setting standards through innovative and sustainable products that combine top performance with economic advantages and responsibility toward people and the environment. Examples for sustainable products are environmentally responsible paint strippers or in-house development of chrome-free technologies.

Our system solutions enable our customers to increase resource efficiency and improve their own sustainability performance.

The principle of sustainability is anchored in our corporate values. In aerospace we live up to our corporate social responsibility in practise in six focal areas:

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