LOCTITE surfacing films for lightning strike protection

Boosting surface quality

How to benefit from the right surfacing film solution
Surfacing films are designed to improve the surface quality of honeycomb stiffened composite parts. They also provide a barrier for dissimilar materials, decrease surface preparation time and provide protection of structural fibers. But this is not all: laminated films composed of a surfacing film and a conductive metal foil protect the composite structure from damage caused by lightning strikes.

Protect your aircraft from lightning strike damage
What are the requirements for optimum lightning strike protection of aircraft composite parts? A Maximum electrical conductivity is essential. A lightweight solution is important too. And process efficiency should be maximized – including easy repair after lightning strike.

How to gain even more benefits: LOCTITE surfacing films & lightning strike protection
With our LOCTITE portfolio, you can be sure to get the technically most advanced solution. Economically, they offer up to 30 % weight savings compared to existing surfacing films – and they lower the composite part finishing costs. Technically, they provide durable, high quality paintable surfaces and a maximum of product & shop flexibility.

LOCTITE surfacing films & lightning strike protections: Facts at a glance

LOCTITE surfacing films key features LOCTITE lightning strike protection key features
  • High surface quality: Low flow
  • Good paint adhesion without sanding
  • Available in lightning strike configurations
  • Reduce surface imperfections
  • Minimize pre-paint preparation
  • Easier handling than stand-alone expanded foil during lay-up, sand and fill operations
  • Inventory reduction from two raw materials to one
  • Process labor reduction
  • Easy repair after lightning strike

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Handout Success Case: Bombardier

Surfacing Film: Maximum Protection and 30% Weight Reduction


Formulated to Provide a High Quality Durable, Paintable Surface with Minimal Prepaint Preparation


The future of lightning strike protection!

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